Sunday, January 15, 2012

Switch - a book that's game changing for how to guide the change process

The book, Switch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip and Dan Heath, removed a veil about being an effective change agent.

One analogy from Switch is that of an elephant and its rider. The rider directs the elephant along paths and tasks. It's the thinker through logic and analysis. But sometimes the elephant gets spooked. Filled with emotions, logic dissolves. The elephant stomps and/or storms where it wants--and the rider, no longer in control, must hold on for the ride.

Changing personal views and habits is a monumental challenge. Some people on a sinking ship will panic and stampede causing more danger, instead moving in an orderly fashion to stations for safety. Or they might stick their heads in the ground ignore warning signs--consider the near demise of the Big 3 automotive companies or it you want to gawk at a traffic accident in slow motion follow the publishing industries dinosaur-like thinking regarding ebooks. Others would rather die than change--see smokers.

One of the industries that leads in the challenge for change is Education. As data mounts of low student achievement, how can we continue to maintain "business as usual" when results do not meet demands of a global society?

Switch provided me great reflection on how to recognize and plan for effectively guiding change. How to get the elephant in step with the rider. Check out the book. Download free sample chapters (Kindle / BN). Take this first step. You won't be disappointed.