Friday, August 14, 2009

MI ASCD Conference on DI: Day 2

Day 2 opened with a general session to "Re-Imagine Differentiated Instructruction." In the course of the morning session participants explored the need for integrating Differentiated Instruction as part of effective models for student learning, beginning with the reflective question: Will you take responsibility for the learning success of your students? The learning time generated quite a productive conversation that spilled into the break as well as the entirity of the session.

Exploration included looking at how "Teachers respond" from Carol Tomlinson's work on the 3 cogs for differentiation (Fulfilling the Promise of the Differentiated Classroom, ASCD. p. 28.) Read the sample chapter. 3 Dimensional Instruction (John McCarthy, 2008):

  1. Identify the objective(s)
  2. Develop the assessment
  3. Brainstorm 8-15 3D processing activities to teach the concept(s)
  4. Build lesson steps with 3D processing activities

We looked at 4 Quadrants for instruction and learning by International Center for Leadership in Education, and Project-Based Learning (Buck Institute and support by www.leading

In this busy morning, participants texted questions, some of which were addressed during the session, while a compilation was answered in a post at MI ASCD. Here is the transcript.

The afternoon was a big hit. Participants left with much information and take aways to begin implementing in their schools. Thank you all who attended. The conference existed to support the critical need to help all students achieve.

Now the planning starts for next year and adding additional strands that go deeper and more complex.

Have a great school year!!!