Thursday, January 7, 2010

21st Century Skills in Action

I read an article that illustrated how 21st Century Skills with current technology skills are important to hone by our students.
Warcraft Helps Catch a Crook tells a tale of detective work that went beyond just calling Blizzard and getting account information. All the tools needed were in one paragraph of the article. I've linked the relevant tools.
"Blizzard [WoW] played ball, giving up Hightower's account history, IP address [Lookup], screen name, billing address and preferred game server. One Google Earth search later, and Canadian authorities had apprehended Hightower in Ottowa, Ontario."

Deductive reasoning, among other critical thinking skills, combined with using such tools make for valuable experiences that students can apply to their lives. This article shows a great job-embedded example of 21st Century Skills.

Route 21
A good resource and reference on 21st Century Skills. It's part of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

One valuable format for this type of instruction is Project-Based Learning. It addresses critical thinking, across curriculum areas, embedding 21st century skills, and student directed learning.
  • Leading Project-Based Learning
    Online tutorial that educators are using to learn about and develop their own projects.
    Check out their resource library.

  • Buck Institute (BIE)
    This non-profit organization is having a tremendous influence on how PBL is approached. Many successful educational organizations such as High Tech High and New Tech Network have their PBL roots through BIE. The organization works with educational institutions at state and local levels. Their influence is being felt in the business world and internationally.
    Youtube Site | Tools
Videos are great learning tools. This sampling may help further explain and support 21st Century Skills.