Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing 10 - Admin & 11 - Teachers

Posting on blogs is an important way to think, reflect, and have potential conversations. I find worthwhile the dialogs that are respectful in the midst of disagreement. It is an opportunity to understand another's perspective and, perhaps, grow our own. It's what Stephen Covey describes as Seek to Understand before being Understood and Think Win-Win. In the first, I strive to see the other perspective, which helps me communicate more effectively and show that I am "hearing" the other. The latter is about not one upmanship or "attack" another's view to beat them. Rather it's about finding a place of understanding. From there grows mutual respect.

There are several people who try to model after in terms of how they respond to others in such conversations. Rick Wormeli and Carol Tomlinson. Both do a remarkable job of communicating effectively.

We can help students develop this craft for respectful dialog in discussion and blogging. In their learning, they can impact their families. In modeling, the teachers develop a similar practice when addressing difficult and often passionate issues in school improvement. Administrators can do this by maintaining a positive and constructive attitude in what they blog. Transparent communication is good, and it also can be draining when some responders use hard or harsh language, and speak in absolutes. But it's worth it...

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