Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing 12 - Admin: Tweeting

I've had a Twitter account for awhile: wb4all. It seems most beneficial to me in terms of some of the organizations and people I follow who focus on posting work-related information. Usually, they give links to articles and resources. An administrator might do the same, to find and share resources with colleagues in their building or district. Or, a resource person might post based on the latest state or federal update that people want to know, such as conferences, licensing, or when the state test results will go public.

Some of the ones I follow are:
David BIE: David Ross is one of the leading thinkers on Project-based Learning. He is part of an organization, Buck Institute, comprised of, not surprising, great people who have an incredible impact on PBL. David's Tweets revolve around sharing quality information in the arena of PBL.

New Tech Network: NTN is a group of schools, nation-wide, who's culture includes following a standards-based Project-Based Learning curriculum. It's one of the quality approaches to school-wide pbl.

New ones that I'm exploring...