Friday, March 12, 2010

Thing 7: A&T - Photo Sharing: Project Pallooza

Project Pallooza @ MACUL = Huge Success

At MACUL 2010, 24 of the teachers from Leading PBL displayed and talked about the great learning experiences had by their students through Project-Based Learning. The participating teachers showed passion and expertise about their students' learning experiences, and their personal journey to embrace and embed PBL into their practice. Here is a photo gallery of the session through Flickr.

Beginning last June, a cohort of about 80 Michigan teachers learned about standards-focused project-based learning, developed and implemented at least one PBL during the year. The phenomenal results led to MACUL sponsor 2 more years of funding to facilitate another 300 teachers through the program. See results at

Registration for the next Co-hort of 150 Michigan teachers opens now, until April 12, 2010. Check here for details, and registration directions.

On another note...
Flickr is a great tool to display work of students by teachers, and accomplishments of colleagues (as is the case above) by educational leaders. The results serves as an electronic portfolio of accomplishments that can be returned to for review. There are also opportunities to do writing prompts around topics based on the posted picture. Or how might this stream of pictures be used in mathematics?