Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thing 22: Admin & Teacher - My Wiki sites

I use PB Works for 2 professional development areas.

  • Leading Project-Based Learning
    This is for a Michigan initiative to develop PBL skills by classroom teachers. I co-developed this site for the facilitation work that a colleague and I do.
  • Differentiated Instruction
    I developed this site based on the extensive work in Wayne County, Michigan, and for use by anyone who is looking for online support in Differentiated Instruction.
Wikis allow for non-linear navigation more easily then Blogs. Although there are blogs like Wordpress that allows you to make pages similar to a website with navigation links. Nings are another way to combine Blogs with non-linear functionality. Blogs are good for sharing ideas and having conversations through the comments option. As 23 Things for Teachers and Administrators are examples of a tutorial build on a blog platform, Wikis are easier to develop for such a purpose. Wikis are not as intuitive for conversations as a Blog or Ning.

So many great choices!