Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thing 4: Teachers and Administrators - RSS feeds

RSS feeds is a great way to get information without having to seek it out. It's like having a subscription to a magazine or newspaper. Rather than going to the store, the material is dropped, or tossed, at your doorstep. Something to consider is that you can set up an RSS feed link to your blog, which means stakeholders can stay in touch with the classroom teacher (students and parents) and administrators (parents, teachers, and district staff). Consider how a newsletter sent weekly or monthly is not posted on a blog, and the information is automatically dropped into a person's Bloglines or Google Reader account. Announcements, assignments, district related news, and other forms of information can be sent out.

The more we can keep open communications, the more efficient our work, and that of our colleagues and clients, can be.

Check out my RSS link :)