Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing 10: Emged and Download a Video

I've used embedding for a Ferris Beuller clip where the History teacher zones out the class with bland instruction. I used it to illustrate the importance for pausing after asking questions. It is easy to do. Copy and paste the script.

I used ZamZar for downloading video from Youtube until I learned about software that does the same thing, but you can install to your computer, and download immediately. It's called Media Replay Capture. I have the suite version that bundles a program to transform the video into common formats used by different video players. After that, I have not gone back to Zamzar.

Simon's Cat is a great series for humor and thinking about the importance of being present in our lives and for family, friends, and students. Simon's Sister's Dog is a great one for on how over stimulation can slow anyone down...:) Bon Appetite!