Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing 11 (23): Building Community

Commenting is a nice tool. I'm still exploring how to link a community of bloggers, like a club or class. Each person has their own blog or everyone shares in one blog. Perhaps a bulletin board is more suited to what I'm thinking of. Commenting feels good, especially when a response is received. My goal is respond to anyone who responds to my blog. :) And also, comment on others blogs to support a shared journey for learning.

Additional thoughts:
I've been following a couple of blogs through Bloglines (Did I say I love that tool? I'm saying it again). Some get a lot of response. The discussions sometimes get heated, even disrespectful. But you know what? The people are ingaged. Many make conscise points, even if at times with limited logic. I've "watched" read where people with opposing opinions respectfully disagree, and continue their disecting of each other's thoughts, as well as some aha moments. Detentionslip is one such place to check out for current events in education. Warning: Material may suck you into the debates.