Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing 14 (23): Experience Delicious

I could grow to like Delicious. I started with importing my bookmarks. Big mistake. There were way to many. So I deleted the account and started anew. Building from the ground up makes far more sense. Far better than trying to catalog what's in the basement. At least in mine, you'd be stuck for months. At my neighbor's it might be years. Starting from scratch and tagging gives me a sense of what I hold as important. I'm also able to learn tagging without committing to any specific one until I fully get it. This adventure of 23 Things is becoming more than I bargained for. Life changing.

Addendum: Tagging is nice. Organizing is much better than the folders I have on my browser. I still am working on switching to going online for my bookmarks. I know that I can have them present as a side panel. I'm not sure I want to give up that screen space. Anyway, this is a delicious experience :)